- The development of iKALiZER v2 has been restarted. The initial version will be released to be used with ioQuake 3 and/or ioUrbanTerror 4.1.x
- The contact form was down during a while. Now it's fixed !

- The development of iKALiZER for Urban Terror is freezed.
- The development of the PROXIMA codename project is started !

PROXIMA codename project ???
- It's a highly secure collaborative tool.
- You can communicate with your friends, family, colleagues safely.
- You can exchange information with confidence.
- Your privacy is protected, your personal information belongs to you.
- Nobody can access your data - Your data will remain confidential.
- The PROXIMA codename project guarantees you the highest level of security available for end users all around the world.
- You could chat, call, do some video conferencing, exchange files, share your ideas and do even more of stunning stuff !

It's an amazing software !

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